In today’s fast pace and time constrained environment, it can be challenging to manage several suppliers prior to the delivery of goods. TPi Arcade is aware of these challenges and has developed the management needed for dynamic aluminum casting services and dedicated partners to supply a ready to assemble components.

TPi Arcade Services:

  • V-Process Aluminum Sand Casting (A356) – V-Process Overview
  • Heat Treat (T51 & T6)
  • Solidification Simulation
  • Engineering Support – Learn More
  • Testing (X-Ray, CMM, Tensile, Metallurgy, Pressure & Die Penetrant)
  • CNC Machining
  • Chemical Conversions (Chromate & Anodize)
  • Paint (Powder, Liquid & Silk) 
  • Final Assembly

TPi Arcade can be your one stop solution!