V-Process castings can be an exceptional manufacturing solution to the rapidly developing marine industry. Parts can be converted from fabrications, weldments and billet to castings for part consolidation, cost reductions and most importantly, time savings. TPi Arcade’s castings have high quality surface finish to ensure cosmetics are not compromised. First samples are delivered in 2-3 weeks which is ideal for rapid product launch.

Key Attributes

  • Speed to Market. Samples delivered in 2-3 weeks. Turnkey components in 8-10 weeks
  • Excellent surface finish for highly cosmetic parts
  • 0° draft and thin walls for weight savings and weldment or billet conversions
  • Lower Volume Blanket Orders
  • Lower Tooling Costs
  • Unlimited Pattern Life for minimal tooling investment over long term programs
  • Inexpensive Tooling Changes
  • Twice the Dimensional Accuracy of a typical sand casting