Medical Industry

For the past 40 years, TPi Arcade has been an industry leader in supplying turnkey medical components. TPi employs highly automated V-Process casting technology that is extremely well suited for medical applications. We manufacture components ranging from ...
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TPi Arcade’s V-Process castings are an excellent application for laboratory setting parts. The V-Process does not add a chemical or binder into the sand. This results in a denser and smoother metal than traditional sand castings. Instrumentation...

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Robotics Industry

Our highly automated line is extremely ...
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Aerospace Industry

Being AS9100 and ITAR certified make TPi Arcade...
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Marine Industry

Exceptional solutions for the marine industry...
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How the V-Process Works

V Process Step 1
V Process Step 2
V Process Step 3
V Process Step 4
V Process Step 5
V Process Step 6
V Process Step 7
V Process Step 8
V Process Step 9
Step 1:
The pattern (with vent holes) is placed on a hollow carrier plate.
Step 2:
A heater softens the .003" to .008" plastic film. Plastic has good elasticity and a high deformation ratio.
Step 3:
Softened film drapes over the pattern with 200 to 400 mm Hg vacuum acting through the pattern vents to draw it tightly around the pattern.
Step 4:
The flask is placed on the film-coated pattern. Flask walls are also a vacuum chamber with the outlet shown at right.
Step 5:
The flask is filled with dry, unbonded sand. A slight vibration compacts sand to maximum bulk density.
Step 6:
A sprue cup is formed and the mold surface leveled. The back of the mold is covered with unheated plastic film.
Step 7:
Vacuum is applied to the flask. Atmospheric pressure then hardens the sand. The vacuum is released, pressurized air is introduced into the carrier and the mold is stripped.
Step 8:
The cope and drag assembly form a plastic-lined cavity. During pouring, molds are kept under vacuum.
Step 9:
After cooling, the vacuum is released and free-flowing sand drops away leaving a clean casting, with no sand lumps. The sand is cooled for re-use.
TPi Arcade, LLC

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