The V-Process offers unique attributes that benefit numerous applications and markets. TPi Arcade’s customers utilize these advantages to ensure success.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Speed to Market– Receive raw castings in 2-3 weeks or complete turnkey manufactured parts in less than 8-10 weeks.
  • Competitive Tooling Costs – V-Process patterns have an unlimited life. Modifications are quick and inexpensive.
  • Highly Cosmetic Surface Finishes – The fine loose sand used in V-Process produces a finish of 125 RMS.
  • Accurate Tolerances – Twice the dimensional accuracy of traditional sand casting and better metal integrity.
  • 0° Draft / Vertical As Cast Walls – V-Process requires no slope or draft. No post-process machining is necessary to create the exact shape required.
  • Low Volume Blanket Orders – Our process is uniquely tailored for low volume orders of Single to 5,000 pieces.

These are just a few advantages the V-Process can offer. Review this comparison chart to learn more about how V-Process compares to other casting processes. We also provide a technical design guide as a resource in designing V-Process patterns.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.