Communication, planning and solutions are keys to ensuring successful programs. TPi Arcade has on staff engineers dedicated to making all programs a success. Being a single source casting solution for leading companies in the medical to defense to robotics markets requires detailed coordination between the tool makers, foundry and machinist. This collaboration is essential. TPi’s project engineers are highly trained in the latest program management techniques to ensure turnkey programs are within quoted budgets, meet design expectations and on time.

Solidification Simulation Software

With modeling simulation software TPi Arcade has the capability to see how the liquid metal flows, cools and solidifies in the mold, before making the actual pattern. This can reduce prototyping time and avoid unforeseen porosity or shrink issues.

Casting Design Guide

The V-Process is unique and truly a hybrid process. Its characteristics and tolerances mimic permanent mold or die castings but costs and volumes are in line with traditional sand processes. Download a brief design guide reviewing tolerances, surface finishes and other properties. Please note this is just a guide. If more detailed information is required or if there are any questions, please contact us.

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