Quality Clinic

The TPi Arcade Quality Clinic is a data-driven quality strategy that creates a constancy of purpose toward improvement of product and service.  If an aspect of a project is non-conforming, we analyze and track the product and process; determines root causes, and ensures changes to standard work, processes and/or designs.   

The TPi Arcade Quality Clinic team uses a variety of streamlined Relentless Root Cause/Corrective Action (RRCA) activities tools to help diagnose the root cause of component failures.  Associates from Engineering, Quality, and Shop Floor/Production Employees makes up the team. They are highly trained in RRAC and have an in-depth knowledge of the products produced.  

Some of the RRCA tools include the 5W-2H Analysis as well as the DMAIC Process.  The letters in the DMAIC acronym represent the five phases that make up the process; define, measure, analyze, improve, and control.  It is an integral part of the Six Sigma initiative. The 5W-2H Analysis is a root cause analysis tool that identifies “How” and “Why” of non-conforming parts.  Paired with the Fishbone Diagram it is an effect cause and effect analysis. These tools ensure issues are fixed and improvements are accomplished. 

TPi has specifically designed the clinic area for Relentless Root Cause Analysis. It is a place that encourages rapid open communications around quality issues.  The clinic area is centrally located to key production and testing areas of the factory to increase the velocity of investigations and problem solution.