In today’s ever evolving electrical vehicle market, agility and part integrity are essential. V-Process castings are an ideal solution for the challenges this industry presents. They are quick to market, dimensionally accurate and have high metal integrity.

TPi’s automated robotic line ensures consistency over the life of the program and the flexibility needed for our customers to be competitive.

Key Attributes

  • Speed to Market: Samples delivered in 2-3 weeks. Turnkey components in 8-10 weeks
  • Excellent surface finish for highly cosmetic parts
  • Lower Volume Blanket Orders
  • Lower Tooling Costs
  • Unlimited Pattern Life for minimal tooling investment over long term programs
  • Inexpensive Tooling Changes
  • 0° draft and thin walls for weight savings and weldment or billet conversions
  • Twice the Dimensional Accuracy of a typical sand casting