TPi Arcade’s highly automated line is extremely well suited for the rapid pace and culture of the semi-conductor and robotics industries. Offline tooling staging areas, modular molding stations and robotic metal pouring allow for consistent and accelerated timelines.

The V-Process’ ability to produce 0° draft and highly cosmetic surface finishes make it painless to convert billet parts to a near net shape casting for valuable cost savings.

Key Attributes

  • Speed to Market. Samples delivered in 2-3 weeks. Turnkey components in 8-10 weeks
  • 0° draft and thin walls for weight savings and weldment or billet conversions
  • Excellent surface finish for highly cosmetic parts
  • Lower Volume Blanket Orders
  • Lower Tooling Costs
  • Unlimited Pattern Life for minimal tooling investment over long term programs
  • Inexpensive Tooling Changes
  • Twice the Dimensional Accuracy of a typical sand casting