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Design / Engineering / Technical Information

When any casting design is being considered, it is important to involve both the casting producer and the machining source as early in the design process as possible. Even if the specific type of casting (sand, die, V-Process, etc.) has not been determined, working with one or more casting suppliers will always be beneficial to determine the best casting process for the application. Having the casting and machining source working together will result in the best approach to get to the desired results in the final finished part.

At TPi Arcade Inc. we utilize Project Engineers. These individuals initially work closely with our customers to ensure close coordination and communication between the customer and internal personnel. The Project Engineers will also work closely with our Sales Representative to ensure follow through on a project so that we are involved with a project from the beginning.

It is no accident that major companies in the medical, instrumentation, electronics, computer and tele-communication industries rely on us for their quality casting needs.

Where Challenging Designs Become Reality
TPi Arcade Inc. would like to introduce you to some of the services we offer. You may find your Engineering Department overloaded with new product development and your Marketing Department trying to release a product in a hurry. We can help. Working closely with your engineers we can help in the design for our processes, often reducing part costs. Using your computer database we can make part drawings, build patterns, design fixtures and program the machine tools concurrently. This decreases lead-time substantially enabling you to get your product to the market quicker.

Benefits of using TPi Arcade Inc. engineering services

  • Our engineering staff has the knowledge and equipment available to allow TPi Arcade Inc. to use your computer database to generate patterns and machine part programs and to assist you with your design.
  • A highly skilled staff that includes manufacturing engineers.
  • Thorough working knowledge of ANSI Y14.5M-1982 specifications.
  • These services add up to a rapid prototyping system.

Advantages to electronic data transfer
Electronic data transfer (EDT) aids in your product development through:

  • Faster print to part time
  • Rapid development
  • A timely handling of revision and design changes
  • Elimination of reproduction errors
  • The use of concurrent engineering

If you think we could help or if you have any questions, please call us or send information regarding your
requirements so we can be of assistance.

TPi Arcade Inc. can use the CAE (computer-aided engineering) design work you have done with your system to create a model, hog-out, pattern and/or a machined casting. This is done by using one of many translation protocols. Most systems have this capability.

TPi Arcade Inc. can handle most CAD file formats including IGES, Pro-E, Solid works, Parasolid, etc.

Stereolithography (STL) files can be used for quoting by TPi. However, TPi cannot use stereolithography files for pattern making. TPI’s process for creating patterns creates much smoother, finished-product quality castings and the use of STL would prohibit the production of the best possible casting.

Once the process path is clarified, it is extremely important that the database submitted to TPi is accurate. It may seem obvious and, therefore, unnecessary to address, but our experience shows otherwise.

There is a significant amount of cost associated with discrepancies, particularly if not found until well into the process. Delivery problems can also occur if the database is inaccurate.

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